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Hanseaticum West - Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery, Hand, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgery

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  • Individual and comprehensive advice.
  • Tailor-made treatment concept.
  • Qualified specialists, state-of-the-art technology.

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Tradition meets Innovation

60 years of surgical expertise in the second generation

Plastic-aesthetic surgery

In addition to aesthetic surgery, our specialities in Hamburg also include reconstructive surgery after tumour diseases and corrections of malformations.


The ideal size and shape is as individual as you are. The path to a beautiful breast begins - also for men - with competent consultation and surgery planning.

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Are you bothered by the extra pounds here and there? We have the right procedure for every area so that you will soon feel good in your skin again.

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Intimate surgery: penis enlargement, labiaplasty, incontinence treatment with Forma-V. Painless and low-risk. Comprehensive, discreet consultation by experienced specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

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HANSEATICUM: Your practice for plastic surgery in Hamburg

Dr. Cornelius Grüber and Dr. Sonja Tomschik are your experts for cosmetic surgery in Hamburg. From many years of experience and extensive discussions with patients planning cosmetic surgery in Hamburg, the specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery know how much one's own visual perception determines one's self-confidence - and thus also influences one's charisma and zest for life. Their treatment and operating rooms in the HANSEATICUM and HANSEATICUM WEST are equipped with the latest safety standards and state-of-the-art equipment. The dedicated doctors practise the entire spectrum of aesthetic surgery in Hamburg, including reconstructive surgery after tumours and accidents - and all elective aesthetic operations on the face and body: large and small facelifts, eyelid lifts, ear and chin corrections, body lifts after major weight loss (obesity), liposuction, tummy tucks and butt lifts. The specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery also show a sense for the right measure in breast reductions, enlargements and lifts, corrections in the genital area (penis enlargements, labia reductions) as well as in gender reassignment transgender procedures. In the field of minimally invasive procedures, Dr Cornelius Grüber and Dr Sonja Tomschik are experts in autologous fat injections, thread lifts, chemical peels and vampire lifts. Treatments with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid are standard. The BodyTite and Fractora methods, which gently use radio frequency to tighten the face and body, are offered exclusively by the surgeons in Hamburg.  
As different as the procedures are that the specialist for plastic aesthetic surgery, Dr. Cornelius Grüber, and his colleague Dr. Sonja Tomschick perform, the goal is always the same: "We do everything to bring the outer appearance in line with the wishes of our patients, as long as the ideas are realistic. Less is often more," the two agree. Thanks to the latest active ingredients and novel fillers, innovative treatment and refined surgical methods, even small interventions can have a big effect. Scars are kept as small as possible through predominantly minimally invasive surgical techniques - especially since the specialists place the accesses and incisions as hidden as possible so that the scars are not even noticeable.


Surgery in Hamburg: The best results for sure

Every intervention is associated with risks. That is why the specialists at the HANSEATICUM reject standardised routines: "Every patient has different prerequisites and therefore needs an individual care and treatment concept. Good craftsmanship creates the highest possible level of safety. "Careful planning and responsible aftercare are just as important as the surgical procedure itself," says Dr Cornelius Grüber, who has been a cosmetic surgeon in Hamburg since 2015 and underwent extensive training and further education to become a dual specialist before founding his practice clinic.


Hamburg plastic surgery: Well-founded, recognised and passionate!

Cornelius Grüber, MD, studied human medicine in Hamburg and Munich and began his surgical training in Zurich. He went through various surgical disciplines, qualified as a specialist in trauma surgery and orthopaedics in 2009 and dedicated himself for years primarily to the reconstruction of patients injured in accidents. In the next step, he became a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and went to Braunschweig. As a senior physician, his focus, in addition to reconstructive surgery, was particularly in the area of breast and aesthetic surgery. In 2015, he returned to his hometown of Hamburg. He founded the HANSEATICUM - Zentrum for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the UKE, which he now heads together with the specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr Sonja Tomschik. 

Born in Vienna, she moved to the north immediately after completing her medical studies at the University of Innsbruck. In 2007, she started her specialist training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at clinics in Hamburg and Oldenburg. Since 2015, she has worked as a senior physician in aesthetic and plastic surgery at the Asklepios Klinik Hamburg Barmbek. In addition, the experienced physician managed her private practice in Winterhude. Dr Sonja Tomschik is a master of all facets of plastic surgery, from hand surgery to microsurgery and tissue transplants - and her repertoire of treatments is a perfect fit for the HANSEATICUM. By the way: Professional titles such as "cosmetic surgeon" or "aesthetic surgeon" are not protected - any practising doctor may call himself such. Only the "Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery" or - the older term - the "Specialist in Plastic Surgery" has completed a 6-year training in the field and passed a corresponding specialist examination.  

As specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Grüber and Dr. Tomschik are members of numerous professional associations and are very well networked interdisciplinarily. They regularly attend congresses and further training courses in order to be informed about every technological development and to always be up to date in terms of safety standards.

The HANSEATICUM cooperates with several clinics, e.g. with the Breast Centre of the Albertinen Hospital in Hamburg. Dr Sonja Tomschik: "It's great to experience how women gain self-confidence and joy of life after tumour operations with breast reconstructive surgery."

Breast augmentation in Hamburg: Not only a question of size

The perfect bust is the subject of many studies. The dream size varies from survey to survey. A, B, C or D? In any case, it is important to have a detailed consultation before the breast surgery in Hamburg, in which the specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery chooses the right size and shape together with his patient. "The lifestyle with sport and profession should definitely be included in the decision, because the new bust should not only look good, but also be suitable for everyday use," says Dr Cornelius Grüber. 

As the PIP scandal about leaking implants from France has shown, the implant is also a decisive factor for the success of a breast augmentation. At the HANSEATICUM, the specialists only use breast implants that are CE-certified or have been approved by the strict American control authority FDA (Food and Drug Administration). These quality implants contain thick silicone gel in a particularly safe silicone shell that cannot leak - such as the Ergonomix2® implants from Motiva.


A milestone is the development of lightweight implants that weigh about a third less than comparable conventional implants - and with the same volume. These B-Lite implants are ideal for patients who want reconstructive breast surgery after tumour removal, but women with weak connective tissue who are planning an enlargement of several cup sizes also benefit from the lightweight implants: They heal faster, slip less, capsular fibrosis rarely occurs and the breast is very likely to stay in shape longer. And there is something else in favour of the lighter version: it is more permeable to X-rays and mammograms can therefore be carried out more easily. 

Breast surgery under general anaesthesia can be done on an outpatient basis, but in most cases doctors recommend an overnight stay in the clinic. After the breast operation, a special support bra must be worn for at least 6 weeks, and sporting activities are cancelled for about 4 weeks.


When enlarging the breast by one to two cup sizes, more and more women are opting for the method with autologous fat. The so-called lipotransfer is ideal if only a moderate, very natural-looking breast augmentation without implants is desired. The body's own fat cells are obtained by the plastic aesthetic specialists with liposuction on the hips, abdomen or thighs. They are drawn directly onto syringes and injected through small punctures in the areola and the fold between the skin and the glandular body as well as directly above the muscle. "The small injection sites fade quickly and then only the beautiful result is visible from the procedure," says Dr Cornelius Grüber. The experts assume an ingrowth rate of about 60 to 70 per cent with a gentle transfer. "The final result usually only shows after three months, but then it lasts permanently," says the plastic surgeon.


While hyaluronic acid has not proven itself for breast augmentation, the doctors at the HANSEATICUM achieve beautiful, durable results with the certified Los Deline™ filler technology. Using a special needle, the specialist injects the gel-like substance specifically into the tissue: in the weeks following the treatment, the body forms a natural shell around the gel implant - and thus slippage is impossible. The final result is seen as soon as possible swellings have completely subsided and lasts for two to three years. During this time, the body breaks down the filler without leaving any residue.