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60 years of surgical expertise in the second generation

Intimate surgery

Penis enlargement

Many men in Germany are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their best piece. But if the penis is really smaller than average, it has a big impact on self-confidence.

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Penis lengthening

How comfortable men feel with their body has a lot to do with the appearance and size of their penis. Many men are dissatisfied with the dimensions of their male member and a growing number of them are thinking about having their penis surgically enlarged, lengthened or/and thickened.

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One third of all women, especially after pregnancy and menopause, notice changes in the intimate area that stress them physically and psychologically. Men also suffer, often silently for decades, if they are unhappy with the appearance or function of their intimate area, if they feel their penis is too short or too thin. Many think long and hard about surgical intervention and seek competent help. The specialists at the HANSEATICUM in Hamburg take their patients' concerns very seriously, regardless of whether the correction is desired for aesthetic reasons or whether it is a matter of remedying a functional disorder by means of intimate surgery.

Intimate zone woman: the labia correction

Overstretched pelvic floor muscles and vaginal dryness. Flaccid or overly long labia that rub against tight clothing, get in the way during sports and are embarrassing in front of your partner. And bladder weakness - incredibly unpleasant: what for a long time could only be corrected with surgery can now be treated gently with the radio frequency device "Forma V". The effect is based on the controlled heating of the tissue layers under the mucous membrane, which contract immediately at temperatures of 40 to 45 degrees. For this purpose, a narrow plastic rod is inserted into the vagina and moved back and forth for about 30 minutes. The tightening, constricting effect is immediately measurable. At the same time, the heat stimulates the connective tissue fibres and the collagen-producing cells. This leads to further stabilisation and an increase in elasticity. The therapy can remedy mild to moderate bladder weakness. It is effective against vaginal dryness and, because of the constriction, increases sexual pleasure - also for the partner. Applied externally, the method tightens sagging labia and the entire pubic area with immediate effect and visually rejuvenates the vagina. "If the inner labia protrude by centimetres below the outer labia, however, only surgery will help," says Dr Sonja Tomschick, plastic aesthetic surgeon at the HANSEATICUM in Hamburg.  

Surgical interventions to reduce and align the labia are among the low-risk operations. Even asymmetries can usually be corrected quickly and without problems. In a detailed consultation, the specialists at the HANSEATICUM in Hamburg inform their patients in detail about the possibilities of intimate surgery and discreetly discuss all wishes. "Experience shows that the affected women benefit immensely from corrections in the intimate area. They can enjoy life and sex in a whole new way afterwards," says plastic aesthetic surgeon Dr Sonja Tomschik.

Labia reduction - step by step

Labiaplasty is a low-pain, outpatient operation. The procedure lasts about 60 minutes and is usually performed under local anaesthetic, if desired under twilight sleep anaesthesia.

  • After measuring and marking the labia, the specialist makes a fine skin incision and removes the excess tissue from the labia minora and/or labia majora.
  • The incision is closed with fine, self-dissolving threads. In this intimate procedure, the suture heals to a barely visible scar that is soon no longer noticeable.
  • Labia reduction is often combined with a clitoral sheath lift. Excess tissue of the clitoral hood is removed, tightened and sutured with fine, self-dissolving sutures.
  • If desired, the labia minora can be injected with the patient's own fat to visually rejuvenate them. This purely aesthetic procedure is particularly suitable in combination with a mons pubis correction.
  • Afterwards, the patient can go home immediately. During the first four weeks after the procedure, the patient should not exert herself, do any intensive sports and avoid sexual intercourse.

Reduction and tightening of the pubic mound - step by step

Liposuction is often the only way to remove excess fat deposits in the pubic mound area. With the BodytiteTM method, the tissue is not only suctioned off, but the skin is tightened at the same time.

  • The procedure begins with a careful marking of the tissue to be removed.
  • The specialist applies an anaesthetic ointment so that the injection of the tumescent local anaesthetic is hardly noticeable.
  • Through a small incision, a cannula is inserted into the fat layer directly under the skin, which is equipped with an electrode.
  • The tip of the suction cannula is heated by radio waves and liquefies the fatty tissue. Another electrode outside controls the temperature in the subcutis to prevent it from overheating.
  • The fat cells are sucked out. At the same time, the heat impulses tighten the connective tissue and stimulate the formation of new collagen.
  • The small incisions are sutured with fine, self-dissolving threads.
  • Immediately after the procedure, compression garments are applied and must be worn for 2 to 3 weeks.

Intimate zone man: penis enlargement

In Germany, the average penis length is 13 centimetres. Only from a length of 7.5 centimetres do doctors speak of a so-called micropenis. "However, only just under 3 percent of the male population suffers from this," says Dr Cornelius Grüber, plastic aesthetic surgeon at the HANSEATICUM in Hamburg. "Most men who opt for lengthening are well within the normal range. But of course they can also be helped." The procedure, which can be life-changing for patients, often consists of two steps: penis lengthening and penis thickening.

What is visible is only about 50 per cent of the penis. The other half is attached to the pelvic bone by a retaining ligament and lies hidden in the pelvic floor. Dr Cornelius Grüber: "I can partially bring out this inner part." The operation is carefully planned and in most cases performed under local anaesthetic. Beforehand, the attending specialist applies an anaesthetic ointment so that the injection of the local anaesthetic is hardly noticeable.

The penis enlargement step by step

  • Through an approximately 3-centimetre-long incision in the pubic area, the experienced surgeon detaches the anterior internal retaining ligaments that are attached to the pubic bone and creates a new attachment using the body's own material.
  • The inner, oblique part of the male member shifts outwards and a visible lengthening occurs.
  • The skin incision is finely sutured with self-dissolving sutures and covered with a plaster.
  • Corsetry supports regeneration and should be worn consistently for a few weeks or months to guarantee the best possible result.
  • The procedure takes between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the effort involved.

The length gained depends on the angle of inclination of the penis, the ligament structures and the length of the connecting cartilage of the pelvic bones. A gain in length of 3 to 5 centimetres is realistic. Dr. Cornelius Grüber: "If you had an erection length of 11 centimetres before the operation and an erection length of 14 centimetres after the operation, you have gained a third more length and will notice the difference clearly.

The pain after penis enlargement is minimal. Immediately after the plastic surgery procedure, the area is swollen and should be cooled. After one week, light sport is possible again, and after 6 weeks the penis is fully functional again. During this time, extreme physical exertion and sex are taboo. In order to let the small scar heal as invisibly as possible, scar care is recommended in the morning and evening.