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penis lengthening

  • Qualified specialists, plastic aesthetic surgeons.

  • State of the art technology.

  • Individual consultation.

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Tradition meets Innovation

60 years of surgical expertise in the second generation

  • Treatment durationdepending on the extent of the operation, approx. 1.5 hours
  • AftercareModerate cooling with cool packs
  • AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
  • Downtimeapprox. 1 week
  • NoteRefrain from sports and sex for 6 weeks
  • Costsfrom 6659 Euro incl. Vat after GOÄ




How comfortable men feel with their bodies has a lot to do with the appearance and size of their penis. Many men are dissatisfied with the dimensions of their phallus and a growing number of them are thinking about having their penis surgically enlarged, lengthened or/and thickened. "For many years, penis lengthening surgeries have been requested from us," says Dr. Cornelius Grüber, specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and founder of HANSEATICUM in Hamburg. At what level the dissatisfaction begins? "That is highly individual. Body proportions play a role, the reactions of others and how satisfied the partner is with the sexual performance." Fact: The average penis size in Germany is about 13 centimeters when erect, and 8.6 centimeters when flaccid. "Men who are above this measurement can also feel below average," knows Dr. Cornelius Grüber, who confidentially discusses the possibilities of surgical penis lengthening with his patients in a personal consultation and, of course, also the costs of penis lengthening. "Most of our patients do not have a below average penis at all, but still feel uncomfortable. The reasons for this vary greatly. Often men have the feeling that they only come across well sexually if their penis is also a certain size. At the same time, it is not necessarily said that the lover with the large penis is the better one."

What is visible of the penis makes up only about 50 percent of the entire organ. The other half is hidden in the pelvic floor, attached to the pelvic bone by retaining ligaments, and can be partially brought out with a relocation plastic surgery. "Loosely speaking, we're changing the relationship between inside and outside. How much that amounts to depends on how much the patient naturally brings to the table: the slimmer the patient, the more length is possible, and the larger the ligament, the greater the expected increase in length. Thus, an increase of 2 to 6 cm can be expected. But a 100 percent reliable statement about the postoperative length is not possible before the surgical intervention, because the length of the hidden corpus cavernosum only becomes apparent during the operation," says Dr. Cornelius Grüber, who prefers to perform the operation under general anesthesia. It is important to him and his colleague Dr. Sonja Tomschik not to make false promises. "That's why we inform our patients in detail about the possibilities and limits of penis lengthening surgery. If the penis length in the flaccid state is 8 centimeters before surgery and 11 centimeters after penis lengthening, the patient has gained more than a third in length and can definitely be satisfied with the result."


  • Through a small triangular incision on the pubic mound, the experienced plastic surgeon cuts the inner anterior retaining ligaments of the penis.

  • As a result, the inner part of the penis detaches and protrudes downward but retains its longitudinal stability.

  • The skin incision is finely sutured with self-dissolving sutures and dressed with a plaster. The small scar is not noticeable later between the hair in the pubic area.

  • Important to know: The erectile function remains unchanged after the operation, only the angle of inclination of the penis changes. However, many men find this pleasant, as it is easier to move downwards when erect.


A slight soreness after the anesthesia wears off is normal. A prescribed painkiller will ease this on the day after. Immediately after the procedure, the intimate area is swollen and should be cooled regularly. Dr. Cornelius Grüber: "To avoid secondary bleeding, we recommend 4 days of restricted bed rest." After 6 weeks, the penis is fully functional again. Until this time, heavy physical exertion - and even sex - are taboo. To ensure that the small scar heals as invisibly as possible, scar care should be applied morning and night for several weeks.

The postoperative treatment phase for penis lengthening extends over 16 weeks. It requires the patient's assistance and discipline in order to ensure a good result and, for example, to prevent scarring of the severed retaining ligaments.


As with all plastic surgery procedures, the biggest risk is choosing the wrong doctor. Choosing a reputable surgeon with years of experience can eliminate the majority of complications - such as injury to the urethra, deformity of the penis, or erectile dysfunction. Bleeding, infection or wound healing problems can occur, as with any surgery, but are easily treatable and do not affect the final result. Temporary numbness of the penis can also cause problems.


Not only for optical reasons, it is important to keep an eye on the circumference when performing a penis lengthening. "That is why we usually combine penis lengthening with penis thickening. The two together result in penis lengthening. Penile thickening can be achieved minimally invasively with hyaluronic acid injections or injections of autologous fat. Injection of autologous fat ensures long-term results. It can also be repeated if desired. Alternative procedures for thickening by inserting other foreign bodies into the penis always carry an increased risk of wound healing problems.

  • The result can be controlled during the treatment and the first results are visible immediately.

  • The material for penile thickening with autologous fat is obtained by Dr. Cornelius Grüber through liposuction from the pubic area, thighs, or abdomen.

  • After drawing the fat cells onto syringes, he injects the natural filler with a microcannula at even intervals along the shaft. Advantage: Injection with the body's own fat provides a long-lasting result, as up to 70 percent of the fat cells grow and the volume remains permanently. 40 to 70 milliliters of autologous fat are sufficient, and the increase in circumference is about 25 to 30 percent.


The cost of penis lengthening varies depending on the method. Surgical penis lengthening at HANSEATICUM costs from 6659 euros. In combination with penis thickening, the treatment costs for hyaluronic injections (from 9163 euros) or autologous fat injections (from 3808 euros) are added.



Most men who opt for penis lengthening were previously unhappy with their too short and/or too thin penis for a long time, report a lack of self-confidence and sexual problems in their partnership. If the visual lengthening of the penis and a thickening of the circumference can improve body image and contribute to a more fulfilling sex life, the procedure is a sensible decision.


Primitive peoples have been using stretching systems to stretch and enlarge body parts for thousands of years. Many of the systems offered for home use work according to this model. Some still use negative pressure for traction. All must be worn for many hours each day for many months. Some are said to be able to achieve small stretching results with consistent use. These methods have no effect on the circumference.

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