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  • Qualified specialists, plastic aesthetic surgeons.
  • State of the art technology.
  • Individual consultation.

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Tradition meets Innovation

60 years of surgical expertise in the second generation

  • Treatment durationapprox. 1.5 hours
  • AftercareModerate cooling with cool packs
  • AnesthesiaLocal anaesthesia and twilight sleep (general anaesthesia optional)
  • Downtimeapprox. 1 week
  • Clinic stayambulant
  • Costsfrom 4108 Euro (thickening), from 6550 Euro (lengthening), from 9653 Euro (both) incl. VAT after GOÄ



The reasons for penis enlargement

Many men in Germany are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their best piece. But if the penis is really smaller than average, it has a big impact on self-confidence. International studies show a size between 4 and 26 centimetres when erect. The average penis length in Germany is 13 centimetres. "Some men suffer from 'small penis syndrome'. They feel inadequacies with a more normal size because they have had bad experiences. Or they feel below average because they perceive the girth to be too small. Only from a length of 7.5 centimetres do we speak of a so-called micropenis. But only 2 to 3 percent of the male population suffer from this," says Dr. Cornelius Grüber, plastic aesthetic surgeon in Hamburg. All of them can be helped - with an operation that also builds up the men's self-confidence. It often consists of two procedures: penis enlargement and penis thickening.


  • When flaccid, the penis measures only approx. 4 centimetres
  • When erect, the penis measures only about 7.5 centimetres.
  • Unsatisfactory sex
  • Personal suffering from a penis that is too thin
  • Feeling of shame, combined with impaired self-confidence
  • Fear of showing oneself undressed in front of a sexual partner

Many men first try to change their discomfort with manual exercises and non-invasive methods. However, medical stretching massages, called jelqing, usually do not have the desired effect. More effective are special stretching devices (penis extenders) that have to be worn for months. The aim is to stretch the ligamentous suspension of the penis and pull the hidden part of the erectile tissue further forward. Vacuum pumps have long been used to treat erectile dysfunction. They create an erection through negative pressure, while a rubber ring suppresses the outflow of blood. Some patients report a slight lengthening of the penis after several months of training, with blood being pumped into the penis several times a day. However, this does not permanently lengthen the penis. "What is visible of the penis is only about 50 per cent of the entire organ. The other half is hidden in the pelvic floor, attached to the pelvic bone by a retaining ligament. This inner part can be partially brought out with a cavernous body relocation plastic surgery," says the plastic aesthetic surgeon, who runs the HANSEATICUM in Hamburg together with his specialist colleague Dr Sonja Tomschik. 


In a penis augmentation, the plastic surgeon cuts through the front inner retaining ligaments that are attached to the pubic bone via an approx. 3-centimetre-long, triangular incision in the pubic area and creates a new attachment using the body's own material. In this way, the inner oblique part of the male member shifts outwards and a visible lengthening is created. "I use a microsurgical technique to avoid causing injury and minimise the risk of complications," says the experienced surgeon. "The length gained depends on the angle of inclination of the penis, the ligamentous structures and the length of the connecting cartilages of the pelvic bones. A gain of two to six centimetres is realistic." The length gained depends on the ligamentum suspensorium penis. Depending on how strong this elastic ligament is, which connects the root of the penis to the abdominal wall and the pubic bone, the penis lengthens. Dr Cornelius Grüber: "If you achieve an erection length of 11 centimetres before the operation and an erection length of 14 centimetres after the operation, you have gained a third more length."

Penis enlargement: step by step

  • Before the operation, the procedure is discussed once again and carefully planned
  • The attending specialist applies an anaesthetic ointment so that the injection of the local anaesthetic is hardly noticeable
  • If desired, a twilight sleep or general anaesthetic can be induced, but from the doctor's point of view this is not necessary in most cases
  • A triangular incision is made in the pubic area
  • During the operation, the plastic-aesthetic surgeon cuts the anterior internal retaining ligaments
  • The inner, oblique part of the penis is straightened, thus lengthening the visible part
  • The incision is finely stitched with self-dissolving sutures and covered with a plaster
  • The procedure in the genital area takes about 1 hour
  • The corsage supports the regeneration and prevents dents and should be worn consistently for several weeks or months to guarantee the best possible result
  • The procedure lasts between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the amount of work involved


There is little pain after penis lengthening. A slight soreness after the anaesthetic has worn off is normal. A painkiller will provide relief on the first day. Immediately after the plastic surgery procedure, the area is swollen and should be cooled regularly. After one week, light sport is possible again, and after 6 weeks the penis is fully functional again. During this time, extreme physical exertion - and also sex - are taboo. In order to let the small scar heal as invisibly as possible, scar care is recommended in the morning and in the evening.

Penis enlargement risks

Surgical penis enlargement in Hamburg is a routine procedure at the HANSEATICUM. Nevertheless, there are of course general surgical risks such as allergic reactions. Immediately after the procedure, there is usually slight swelling and bruising around the treated area, which will completely subside on its own within 1 to 2 weeks. In rare cases, there may be delayed wound healing, infection, erectile dysfunction and sensory disturbances. Erectile function and fertility are not affected by penis enlargement.


If desired, the penis can be thickened with an autologous fat transplantation (e.g. autologous fat injection) in the second step of the operation. This lipotransfer takes about 1 hour. The specialists at the HANSEATICUM obtain the material for this by liposuction from the patient's pubic area, hips, abdomen or thighs. The fat cells are prepared, drawn onto syringes and injected at even intervals along the shaft. 

Dr. Cornelius Grüber: "Of course, we can also perform penis thickening with autologous fat independently of penis enlargement and vice versa. What is important for the patient's satisfaction is that the proportion of length and thickness is right." A realistic gain for thickening is 20 to 25 per cent. The procedure can be repeated as often as desired. The downtime is about three to four days. After four weeks, it is possible to train in the gym again, sex is possible again after six weeks - and the penis is fully functional. Self-fat treatments have developed a lot over the past few years and have become more sophisticated Thanks to new "harvesting" techniques, the cells quickly find a connection to a blood vessel after transplantation, grow and can survive up to 80 per cent. This means that the effect is permanent. The cost of penis thickening with autologous fat starts at 3808 euros. 

An alternative with a less durable effect is penis thickening with fillers. The procedure is minimally invasive, and the size and shape of the member can be adjusted gently without surgery. The risks of surgery are eliminated when volume is increased with fillers. Since the gel-like substance is broken down again by the body, the effect lasts up to 2 years - depending on the metabolism. The costs for penis thickening with fillers depend on the amount of filler used and the extent of the treatment and start at around 600 euros.

Patient opinions

"I am very satisfied. Super nice doctor and team. I could turn to the practice and the doctor with confidence for every question. I can only recommend Dr. Grüber and team."

Hamburg, 2021

Jürgen M., 32 (Name changed)Hamburg, 2021

I felt comfortable in the practice from the first moment. The staff and doctors are all very nice and empathetic. If I had any questions afterwards, they were answered immediately by email. The day of the operation was also very well organised. I never had the feeling that I was not being taken seriously. Dr Grüber also checked on me by phone in the evening. After the operation, I was checked again and again at certain intervals, which put my mind at rest. You can always contact the practice with questions. I am glad that I chose this doctor.

Oldenburg, 2021

Thomas H., 37 (Name changed)Oldenburg, 2021

"My penis measured only 11 centimetres when erect. That had been a burden on me every day for years. For psychological reasons, I even developed bladder incontinence as a teenager. Now I have had the operation, the good bit works and I have 4 centimetres more length. In the next step I had fat removed from my belly and Dr. Grüber was able to use it to thicken my penis, almost 2 centimetres more in circumference. I was really scared about the surgery, but now I feel very good. Better than I've ever felt before, for that matter. Dr Grüber was very professional about it and he knows his stuff. He explained everything in detail and that took away my panic. I only needed painkillers on the first day, the small incision healed quickly."

Hamburg, January 2020

Robert M., 28Hamburg, January 2020

"I tried all the tricks. Shaving, jelq and pills didn't help. Then I decided to have an operation. I had read about the HANSEATICUM in a newspaper and didn't hesitate for long after talking to Dr. Grüber. I was left with 3 centimetres of lengthening and the thickening was done with fillers. Unfortunately, not much of it remained because I do a lot of sport. I will try it again with my own fat. Nevertheless, I'm really happy that I dared to do it."

Schwerin, October 2019

Johannes E., 27Schwerin, October 2019

Frequently asked questions

Can I thicken the glans with fillers?

When injecting with fillers, it's all about millimetres. But these are sometimes decisive. Thickening the glans is an uncomplicated way to fill in missing volume or to adapt a too small glans to the diameter of the penis shaft. For anatomical reasons, however, only the lower edge can be injected, otherwise there is a risk of constricting the urethra. The minimally invasive procedure takes away the irritability at the nerve endings and thus reduces the problem of premature ejaculation at the same time.

What can I do myself for an optimal result?

Before the operation, you should stop taking blood-thinning medication such as aspirin and refrain from smoking. This will reduce the risk of complications during and after the operation. After penis enlargement, you should strictly follow the doctor's recommendations so that the healing process is undisturbed and the scarring develops optimally. You can maintain the result through regular training with a distractor such as Phallosan Forte.

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